It is a well know fact that gender plays a role in the risk of developing colon cancer (Male > Female).  With this is mind we wanted to start looking at the publicly available data to see if this holds true and to validate these data sets for future assumptions.

Methods/Data Source

Utilizing the CDC Wonder database along with Census data for state population from 2015 we were able to generate a rate of colon cancer by gender for all 50 states (as well as the district of Columbia).  We then ran a Pearson Correlation calculation over the male vs female data and then calculated a P value from the score.


Table 1 shows the rates (per 100,000) by state.



The Pearson Correlation Coefficient (R) for the data set was 0.9149 and is considered a strong positive correlation. The P value from this correlation was  < .00001 and considered significant.

Figure 1 shows the correlation between the two groups in a scatter plot.


Utilizing publicly available data we can show that gender plays an important role in the development of colon cancer.