Screening ModalityDescriptionSensitivity For Colon Cancer*Sensitivity for Adenoma**Specificity for Colon Cancer***Evidence LevelRisk of ModalityRequires Bowel Preparation
FITStool test 76-95%27-47%89-96%WeakLowNo
FIT-DNA (Cologuard)Stool test that uses FIT (see above) and fecal DNA93%43%85%EmergingLowNo
CT ColonographyCT scan after undergoing a bowel prep96%67-94% for > 10 mm and 73-98% for > 6 mm86-98% for > 10 mm and 80-93% for > 6 mmWeakLowYes
Flexible SigmoidoscopyLimited prep and limited endoscopic evaluation through the rectum58-75%72-86%92%StrongIntermediatePartial
ColonoscopyEndoscopic evaluation through the rectum95%89-98% for > 10 mm and 75-93% for > 6 mm90%IntermediateHighYes