Wilson’s Disease Scoring System

Wilson’s Disease Scoring System

if ($_POST) {
$a = $_POST[‘rings’];
$b = $_POST[‘neuro’];
$c = $_POST[‘ceuroloplasmin’];
$d = $_POST[‘coombs’];
$e = $_POST[‘copper’];
$f = $_POST[‘ucopper’];
$g = $_POST[‘mutation’];
$var1 = ($a+$b+$c+$d+$e+$f+$g);
$result = $var1;

echo $result;
echo “*”;


Kayser-Fleischer Rings :
Neurologic Symptoms :
Serum Ceruloplasmin :
Coombs-negative Hemolytic Anemia :
Liver Copper (in the absence of cholestasis) :
Urinary Copper (in the absence of cholestasis) :
Mutation Analysis :

[pullquote]The Wilson’s Disease Scoring System predicts the likelihood of having Wilson’s disease based on clinical and chemical analysis.[/pullquote]

Formula :

Points are given for each variable.

Explanation of Result :

4 or more: Diagnosis established
3: Diagnosis possible, more tests needed
2 or less: Diagnosis very unlikely

* Please verify all calculations prior to clinical use.