Pohl Score

Pohl Score

Platelet Count (10^9/L) :

In patients with Hepatitis C with AST/ALT less than 1 and platelets less than 150,000 are excluded from marked fibrosis.

Formula :

If AST/ALT less than 1 and platelets > 150,000 than excludes marked fibrosis

Explanation of Result :

For patients without history of alcohol abuse, the correlation between disease stage, AST/ALT ratio, and platelet counts was r = 0.297, p < 0.00, and r = 0.560, p < 0.00, respectively. In these patients, AST/ALT ratio > or =1 in combination with a platelet count of <150,000/mm3 can identify patients with severe fibrosis or cirrhosis (stages 3 and 4) with a positive predictive value of 93.1%. Sensitivity, specificity, and negative predictive value were 41.2%, 99.1%, and 85.0%, respectively. In patients with ALT/AST ratio of <1 or platelet counts of >150,000/mm3, these laboratory parameters cannot predict liver fibrosis stage.

* Please verify all calculations prior to clinical use.


  • Pohl A, Behling C, Oliver D, Kilani M, Monson P, Hassanein T. Serum aminotransferase levels and platelet counts as predictors of degree of fibrosis in chronic hepatitis C virus infection. Am J Gastroenterol. 2001 Nov;96(11):3142-6. PMID: 11721762.