MELD Refit

On Dialysis :
Creatinine :
Total Bilirubin:

The Model for End-Stage Liver Disease (MELD) is a reliable measure of mortality risk in patients with end-stage liver disease. It is used as a disease severity index to help prioritize allocation of organs for transplant.

The Refit model looks to optimize prediction of mortality with alteration of factors including change in allowable boundaries for labs.

Formula :

4.082[Ln serum bilirubin (mg/dL)] + 10.671[Ln INR] + 8.485[Ln serum creatinine (mg/dL)] + 7.432

Explanation of Result :

3 Month Mortality :MELD score > 40 : 71.3% mortality
MELD score 30–39 : 52.6% mortality
MELD score 20–29 : 19.6% mortality
MELD score 10–19 : 6.0% mortality
MELD score < 9 : 1.9% mortality

* Please verify all calculations prior to clinical use.


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