History of COPD
History of acute MI
Active MI
History of PAD
History of Epilepsy
History of drug abuse (not ETOH)
History of heart failure
History of Non-metastatic or hematologic cancer
Active Non-metastatic or hematologic cancer
Inactive metastatic cancer
Active metastatic cancer
History of CKD


Scoring system to predict mortality among patients with cirrhosis based on 9 comorbidities.


Points assigned based on co-morbidities.

Explanation of Result



  • Jepsen P1, Vilstrup H2, Lash TL3. Development and validation of a comorbidity scoring system for patients with cirrhosis. Gastroenterology. 2014 Jan;146(1):147-56; quiz e15-6. PMID: 24055278.