Cirrhosis Co-morbidity Index (CIRCOM)

History of COPD
History of acute MI
Active MI
History of PAD
History of Epilepsy
History of drug abuse (not ETOH)
History of heart failure
History of Non-metastatic or hematologic cancer
Active Non-metastatic or hematologic cancer
Inactive metastatic cancer
Active metastatic cancer
History of CKD


Scoring system to predict mortality among patients with cirrhosis based on 9 comorbidities.


Points assigned based on co-morbidities.

Explanation of Result



  • Jepsen P1, Vilstrup H2, Lash TL3. Development and validation of a comorbidity scoring system for patients with cirrhosis. Gastroenterology. 2014 Jan;146(1):147-56; quiz e15-6. PMID: 24055278.