Boston Bowel Preparation Scale

Left Colon Quality :
Transverse Colon Quality :
Right Colon Quality :

The Boston Bowel Preparation Scale rates bowel preparation quality.

Formula :

0 = Unprepared colon segment with mucosa not seen due to solid stool that cannot be cleared.
1 = Portion of mucosa of the colon segment seen, but other areas of the colon segment not well seen due to staining, residual stool and/or opaque liquid.
2 = Minor amount of residual staining, small fragments of stool and/or opaque liquid, but mucosa of colon segment seen well.
3 = Entire mucosa of colon segment seen well with no residual staining, small fragments of stool or opaque liquid. The wording of the scale was finalized after incorporating feedback from three colleagues experienced in colonoscopy.

Explanation of Result :

Prediction scale used for bowel preparation as adequate if BBPS score ≥2 in all 3 segments.

* Please verify all calculations prior to clinical use.


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