Aronchick Bowel Preparation Scale (modified)

Aronchick Bowel Preparation Scale (modified)

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Bowel cleansing :
Small amount of clear liquid with clear mucosa seen; more than 95% mucosa seen
Small amount of turbid fluid without feces not interfering with examination; more than 90% mucosa seen
Moderate amount of stool that can be cleared with suctioning permitting adequate evaluation of entire colonic mucosa; more than 90% mucosa seen
Inadequate but examination completed; enough feces or turbid fluid to prevent a reliable examination; less than 90% mucosa seen
Re-preparation required; large amount of fecal residue precludes a complete examination

[pullquote]The Aronchick Bowel Preparation Scale rates bowel preparation quality.[/pullquote]

Formula :

Points are given for each variable.

Explanation of Result :

Measurement of 1-5 points (see interpretations above) of the ENTIRE colon.

* Please verify all calculations prior to clinical use.